The New Zealand Olympic Committee wanted to build a long-term brand value with a consistent theme to build upon,  whilst being flexible enough to carry different sporting events. So we created a rallying cry to endure; Earn The Fern. A thread that runs between the different games. Executions are unique for each event, but keep the fern at the heart.  

 The Silver Fern has always been the foundation of NZ sport. We wanted to remind people that every athlete has to earn the right to wear it. Below is the 2018 Winter Olympics campaign.

Winter Olympics film – Janina Kuzma

Winter Olympics film– Zoi Sadowski-Synott

Winter Olympics film – Bruce Wells and his 4 sons.

After the Winter Olympics, Earn the Fern was launched on a larger scale with a nationwide TVC for the 2018 Commonwealth games, which picked up a Silver Pin at the NZ Best Design Awards.