Millennial couples are having kids later than every generation before them.
So we helped them start families, by offering them the chance to take a baby step into parenting.
One with all of the benefits of a human child, but without the drawbacks of a human child.
We also got loads of shelter dogs into loving homes in the process. Win wi
Awards & Recognition:
Spikes Asia - Bronze - Film (x3)
Campaign Case Study
Outdoor / Pre-rolls
Online adoption tool
To help couples find their fur baby, we built a digital compatibility test which matched each parent's character traits with those of a dog ready for adoption. So just like a human baby, the pooches were a bit like each parent. Naaaw.
Each parent is asked a series of questions about their personality.
Together, they answer a series of questions about their circumstance.
Their personality traits and locations are matched with those of shelter dogs.
Then they're presented with their perfect pooch, ready for adoption.
Partners Proposal Powerpoint
In a lot of cases, one parent is more 'ready' than the other to have kids. So to equip these pooch ready parents,
we made them a free to download proposal document. This way, they could take their signifiant other through
the pros and pros of being dog parents.

Download yours here
Director: Steve Ayson
Photographer: Steve Boniface