Some ideas I've had when I was supposed to be having others.
Cats can be cold hearted snobs to their humans. It hurts.
A fragrance derived from catnip might help humans rekindle the relationship.
The biggest benefit of having children is training them to make you tea.
But brewing it just how you like it can take them years. Years you don't have.
Now, they can simply match the colour of your tea, with the colour of their tee.
You spend ages decorating your home. Then you get an internet provider, and a horrible plastic box.
Designer modems come in many beautiful forms, including vases and globes, made to match your decor.
A lot of the time, picking a new board comes down to how much you like the graphic.
And when you really like it, scratching it off kind of sucks.
Hateboards have graphics you want to scratch off, helping you to push your skating. 
They feature commonly hated politicians, foods and celebrities. You can even create your own.